Control Strip 2 has been designed and based around one of the most iconic british mixing consoles to try and give you the same workflow with your plugin equivalent. 22 rotary encoders, 14 push encoders and 6 momentary push buttons are squeezed onto this tiny USB powered box.  Control Strip 2 has two modes. A standard Midi Mode where the controller sends out midi CC messages that you can map to your plugins and a brand new Mouse Mode where the controller can take over your mouse to control your favourite SSL plugins. 


Control Strip 2 has two modes. Mouse Mode and Midi Mode. 

In Midi Mode the controller will act and work like any other midi controller sending out Midi CC messages to your compatible Daw. Map any plugin you like.  

In Mouse Mode the controller will take over your mouse to turn the encoders, push buttons and move switches. all you have to do is run the Mouse mode software in the background and away you go. Pre mapped plugins make setup time under 1 min. Backwards compatible with all your old sessions and not to mention truly compatible with almost any daw. Pro tools included. 


Control Strip 2 has been designed to be a versatile as possible. It can work on almost any programme. If you have a mouse and a programme with a separate effects window control strip 2 will probably work.  That being said its almost impossible for us to test all possible pieces of software. So, if you are in doubt drop us a message and well try and give you a definitive answer.     


Control Strip 2 Comes with a brand new piece of software called Control Hub. its your one stop go to application for setup and mapping. If you are utilising mouse mode simply minimise Control Hub to you taskbar and let it do its job in the background whilst you get on with your mix.    

Control Strip 2


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